Before hiring an office cleaning company, watch out for these 11 mistakes


Before hiring an office cleaning company, watch out for these 11 mistakes

30 October 2023

You undoubtedly worry about more than your fair share of things right now as a business owner. Even while providing a safe and clean workplace for your employees is essential, you might not have the time to do so.

These jobs can be handled by a business office cleaning firm, which could save your life. However, you don’t want to hire the incorrect business for the work out of haste. It makes sense to take your time and locate a qualified, dependable office cleaning business. Continue reading to learn 11 blunders to stay clear of when hiring commercial cleaners.

  1. Picking the least expensive service available

It’s crucial to pick a cleaning service that fits your spending limit. But remember to consider more than simply the price. If you choose the least cost provider, you might not get the results you want. A reputable company charges a reasonable price for outstanding service.

Although they may price less, inexperienced businesses frequently have insufficient insurance or untrained staff. Make sure to check out the company’s credentials, areas of expertise, and references. While price comparison is an excellent idea, don’t base your choice entirely on price.

  1. Not Checking References

Always conduct thorough research before selecting a cleaning service. Before making a choice, take the time to check out their references. If you can, get in touch with previous customers to find out how they felt about the company’s cleaning Most people who experience poor service are eager to share their stories with others.

Search for ratings and reviews online as well. You need to learn about the expertise, dependability, and level of service provided by the business. Avoid the firm and look for another cleaning service if it has numerous negative reviews. On their websites, some businesses feature customer feedback and testimonials. Check out their website, but also make sure to read reviews from other sites.

The wrong cleaning company might endanger your company and your staff. It makes sense to examine numerous references and reviews in your leisure time.

  1. Employing a firm devoid of liability insurance

Never cooperate with a company that lacks liability insurance. Even though they might charge less, accidents still happen.

An incident on your property could lead to a lawsuit being filed against your company. A cleaning business without insurance could not be financially stable or able to pay for shattered goods or property damage. Therefore, the cost of their negligence falls on you or your insurance. The majority of reliable cleaning companies have a range of insurance plans, including liability coverage.

It is in your best advantage to work with a seasoned business that can provide documentation of insurance coverage. Their website might include this information.

  1. Failure to Verify Certifications

A reliable cleaning service should be prepared to provide proof of their registration, insurance and credentials. Their cleaning crew might come to your business after closing time or when no one from your staff is there. You don’t want an organization with insufficient credentials to gain access to your pricey office supplies, gadgets, and other items. You want to be confident that the cleaning service you selected is dependable and trustworthy. Peace comes from knowing you can rely on service.

  1. Obtaining a Loose Estimate

A company that offers you a quote without first visiting your offices should be avoided. Many “fly-by-night” businesses may provide a low price for their services but lack the manpower or resources to deliver on their promises.

A quote that seems too good to be true might not contain the hidden expenses. Before providing a price for their services, a professional cleaning agency will evaluate your needs and look over your workspace.


  1. Lack of Communication

You require a dependable cleaning service more than ever. For the safety of your staff and anybody who enters your firm, a clean, sanitized workspace is essential.

Your cleaning service must be able to hear what you want and how satisfied you are with the work done. You ought to be able to get in touch with them and voice any concerns you have regarding their services. You should seek out a different provider if they are difficult to get in touch with, unpleasant, or uncommunicative.

  1. Executing a Firm Contract

Avoid signing a long-term contract until you’ve evaluated the caliber of the services you’ll get. You can receive subpar cleaning and unsatisfactory customer service.

Even if they perform a poor job cleaning your workplaces, there can be a charge for breaching the contract. A reputable business might need you to sign a contract, but it ought to be adaptable. If you’re not happy the management of the organization should be open to discussing difficulties with you and working to resolve them if you provide your services.

For a cleaning service, adaptability and a desire to communicate are positive indicators of professionalism.

  1. Hiring a Business with Temporary Employees

Ask who will be cleaning your offices to be sure. Some cleaning businesses have considerable personnel turnover and occasionally use temporary, inexperienced workers.  You’re far better off working with a business that employs great cleaners on a full-time basis. As time goes by, you learn to know the cleaning crew, and you feel comfortable with them entering and leaving your place of business when you’re not there.

Some benefits of a permanent cleaning team include:

  • Getting to know the cleaning staff
  • Consistent high standards of service.
  • Better security and peace of mind.
  • Concern for a job well done.

You don’t want a revolving door of new cleaning staff each week. Choose an established company with a permanent staff of satisfied employees.


  1. Ignoring Quality Control Questions

The majority of for-profit businesses will assert that they provide high-quality service, but that isn’t always the truth. Communication openness is a positive indicator of professional service. They ought to promptly address any issues and return calls or emails. They should be welcoming and eager to satisfy any particular cleaning requirements or demands.

A good cleaning service is concerned with outcomes and has a system in place to monitor the quality of the service you receive. Superior cleaning is frequently correlated with excellent customer service.

Among the quality procedures are:

A schedule for cleaning for the staff

A manager who monitors service quality

Ways to guarantee customer pleasure

Preliminary site assessment

Their cleaning staff receives top-notch instruction

It will pay off to take the time to make sure you’re selecting the best because your business will benefit from superior cleaning services.


  1. being unaware of the company’s area of expertise

You want a business that specializes in this field if you need cleaning services for your office space. Some businesses focus on particular industries, such as restaurant or hotel cleaning. Find a business whose specialty matches your cleaning requirements. Some larger businesses could have multiple specialties. They might be equipped and staffed to handle a variety of specialties. However, be skeptical of a small cleaning business that makes grandiose claims.

A novice business could be understaffed and underfunded. As a result, your company is exposed and susceptible in the event of an incident.

  1. Selecting a cleaning service in a hurry

Commercial cleaners are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. Having a clean workplace for customers, employees, or clients is a top priority for business owners in these uncertain times. You can be eager to select a cleaning service so you can carry on managing your organization. But it’s crucial to pick the correct cleaning service.

Maintaining a tidy and hygienic workplace will help stop the spread of COVID-19 and maintain the safety and well-being of your staff and visitors. When you’re not there, a cleaning crew has access to your building, pricey devices, and business equipment.

Due to all of these factors, it is worthwhile to take your time while selecting the best cleaning service.